My talk at Citus Con 2023

I’m excited to be speaking at Citus Con 2023 on April 18-19 on reducing your PostgreSQL costs on Azure managed Postgres.

In my talk, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that can help you save money without sacrificing performance. Join me at the upcoming conference to learn more about how you can optimize your Azure PostgreSQL deployment and reduce your costs.

Whether you’re just getting started with Azure Postgres or you’re a seasoned pro, my talk will provide valuable insights and tips for optimizing your use of the platform. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge with the PostgreSQL community and learning from other experts in the field. See you at Citus Con 2023!

“Sharing your knowledge and learnings about Postgres—or Postgres extensions (like the Citus database extension)—is a useful way to give back to the community. Your talk can help other teams & projects learn from your successes (and mistakes) with Postgres.”


Thank Claire, for your inspiring words. They have really motivated me and given me the encouragement I needed for giving this talk. 🙌

Connect to PostgreSQL in VS Code

  1. Connect to PostgreSQL instances
  2. View object DDL with ‘Go to Definition’ and ‘Peek Definition’
  3. Write queries with IntelliSense
  4. Run queries and save results as JSON, csv, or Excel

Download link:

Using VS Code PostgreSQL extension

  1. Open the Command Palette Ctrl + Shift + P  (On mac use  ⌘ + Shift + P)


  1. Search and select PostgreSQL: New Query

  2. In the command palette, select Create Connection Profile. Follow the prompts to enter your Postgres instance hostname, database, username, and password.




You are now connected to your Postgres database. You can confirm this via the Status Bar (the ribbon at the bottom of the VS Code window). It will show your connected hostname, database, and user.

Now, let’s try to query database.

  1. Type a query ex. SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity;

  2. Right-click, select Execute Query / keyboard shortcut [⌘M ⌘R] and the results will show in a new window.

6. You can also save the query results as JSONCSV or Excel.

So now, you can seamlessly code for PostgreSQL from Microsoft VS Code without switching screens, leverage powerful intellisense and execute queries.

Enjoy Coding!

IMP NOTE: Result windows from queries won´t show up again after being closed. This is bug with current version and is being worked by dev team. Workaround is either to keep the result window Open Or close / re-open the VS code window.

Azure Data Studio – Switching from Management Studio (SSMS) to Azure Data Studio (ADS)

Azure Data Studio (formerly SQL Operations Studio) is a free Cross-Platform DB management tool for for Windows, macOS and Linux. Azure Data Studio (ADS) initial release was only compatible for SQL Server, however recently Microsoft released a PostgreSQL extension for ADS – so now you can also manage your PostgreSQL instance using ADS. For more details on Azure Data Studio PostgreSQL Extension, refer to my earlier posts

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“Hit Refresh” Book Review – Transforming Microsoft with a growth mindset 📚

“A mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. – George R.R. Martin”


Yes, I admit that I sort of dropped the ball on reading. What was more surprising is that all this while I almost did nothing to correct it. Fortunately sanity prevailed and my wife who herself is a voracious reader and a writer (though her first masterpiece is still in making) help me remind about all the good things I am missing by not reading. So I picked up books again!

This blog is share reviews of whatever little I’ve read and learn from your thoughts.

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