Azure Data Studio PostgreSQL Extension – Free data management tool to manage your PostgreSQL databases

Azure Data Studio (formerly SQL Operations Studio) is free Cross-Platform DB management tool for for Windows, macOS and Linux. Azure Data Studio was initially only released for managing SQL Server, however with the today’s Microsoft’s announcement , it will now be possible to connect and manage PostgreSQL databases with Azure Data Studio PostgreSQL Extension (Sweet deal!)

In this (and probably next few blog posts) I’ll be exploring this shiny new Azure Data Studio PostgreSQL Extension and will share my experience. So lets get started with Install and Configuration.

This post is written assuming you already have Azure Data Studio Installed on your machine (PC or Mac).  If you haven’t installed it already, the steps are simple and available here

How to Add Azure Data Studio PostgreSQL Extension

  1. Select the extensions icon from the sidebar in Azure Data Studio
  2. Type ‘PostgreSQL‘ into the search bar. Select the PostgreSQL extension
  3. Click “Reload Now
  4. Extension Install Notification
    (21434 KB)....................Done!
    Installing pgSQLToolsService service to C:\XXXX\.azuredatastudio\extensions\microsoft.azuredatastudio-pgsql-0.1.0\out\pgsqltoolsservice\Windows\1.2.0-alpha.22

    Note: If you are do not see above notification, consider restarting Azure Data Studio Window

  5. Click “New Connection” icon in the SERVERS page
  6. Here, you’ll now be able to select “PostgreSQL” in Connection type list
  7. Specify the all connection details as below and click
    - Server Name: PostgreSQL host name
    - User name: User name for the PostgreSQL
    - Password: Password for the PostgreSQL user
    - Database Name: Database name in PostgreSQL
    - Server Group: <Optional - if you want to create a server group>
    - Name: <Optional - name this connection>

In the next few posts, I’ll to share my experience using Azure Data Studio PostgreSQL Extension.

Author: Varun Dhawan

Hello dear reader, I'm DevOps Engineer based in Minnesota, US (beautiful land of 10,000 lakes). I am perpetually curious and always willing to learn and engineer systems that can help solve complex problems using data. When I am not engineering or blogging, you’ll find me cooking and spending time with my wife and daughter.

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