My 2️⃣5️⃣th post and why the hell I’m blogging anyway?

Wow! I can’t believe this is my 25th post and have no idea how I made it this far. During my academic years, I barely liked to read anything, let alone write. So then what got me here and why I started to blog? Here’s my Top 5 (in no specific order)

PS. I don’t want to give the illusion that this post will be full of advice for you to start a blog, still, you might find somethings relatable

Staying Curious ⚗️

First, even though I mostly write about technical stuff, blogging serves as a form of expression and creativity for me. It’s a channel to feed my curiosity. I often blog ideas and share my opinions out there, in the open, and allowing everyone to criticize and correct me, and help me learn. (remember, you’re not growing if you’re not challenged or you’re not taking feedback). Blogging also helps unleash my creative side, where I often try to blog about something new that I’ve learned recently.

Tell My Story 📢

Blogging is my very own media platform. I can just blog about anything and tell my story without being dependent on anyone else doing it for me. Also, while I am writing about a topic, I get to decide who I am in my story, say I could be a beginner learning basic nuance of new language or I can be an expert engineer sharing tips on how to optimize your code for performance.

Build Character & Discipline 🕗

Blogging involves organizing your thoughts and ideas to tell a story and that actually is not an easy job (at least for me). It’s a challenge to find space and time to write, and to do it consistently. Some days, I would feel lazy or unworthy to write anything, however, practicing self-discipline and forcing myself to write a post helps me earn that feeling of self-respect. As they say, one of the best feelings in the world is conquering oneself, period.

Learn Fast 🚀

As a software engineer, I’m operating in a world, where things are literally changing overnight. A key skill being successful is my ability to learn things fast and blogging really helps in that. I learn a lot just by researching on a topic and then writing a blog post. To share some kind of information you really need to understand if first.

Make some great friends 🤝

The readers of my blog aren’t just my “audience”. They are also my friends, colleagues, and teachers. I’ve had many of them reach out to me directly after reading my blog. Some of those people have become my best friends helping me with their knowledge and experience. 

Starting a blog on a topic, exposes you to a huge community of like-minded people who may already be the expert in that domain and they might as well help you land your dream job. Let’s say you’re a programmer who is skilled in creating websites, you could create a blog and start posting about programming-related topics. This will help drive potential future employers to your site who might want to hire you for a project.

In closing

We’re living in the digital society, where the net connects everyone with everything and blogging is a great platform to be out there to share your authentic self. Your blog is your own TedEx event where you can share your best thoughts, meet thousands of likeminded people, and (maybe) inspire few. So you might want to start your own.

“The first step is always the hardest but you’ll never regret it”